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Compound semiconductor device consortium lands Eurostars funding

A UK - Netherlands consortium of semiconductor device specialists has been awarded a 2 year, 1.2Million euro project to develop next generation photodetector solutions for ultra-high speed data-communications applications.

The Compound Semiconductor Centre (CSC) will deliver project MISCA (Monolithically Integrated Detector Solutions for Next Generation Communications Applications) in collaboration with Integrated Compound Semiconductors (ICS) Ltd of Manchester, and VTEC Lasers and Sensors of Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Project lead, Dr Wyn Meredith, Director of CSC, commented “The project aims to drive a radical improvement in component performance via advances in semiconductor materials integration and will result in a new European source of high performance detector products for fibre optic data-communications applications.”

Professor Mohamed Missous, Founder and CEO of ICS added “The rapid growth of the high speed optical transceiver market is an exciting opportunity for ICS as the demands of the 100G/200G/400G optical transmission markets require a deep understanding of RF component design to complement high quality optoelectronic device manufacture.”

Dr Jan Mink, CEO of VTEC added, “The Eurostars programme is specifically aimed at enabling agile SMEs to collaborate across Europe, and gives VTEC a great opportunity to collaborate with like-minded companies in the UK to extend our value chain. We see great potential in using semiconductor component integration to enable a new class of low power consumption, high performance detector products.”

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